Rawloop1 (Produced by Chief Kemist)

by 037

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A short story about love. Not love in the sense of how we want it to be, but one of the ways that it tends to be complicated and nothing like how we want it to be. Love this beat, big shout out to Chief Kemist for being one of the best producers I've been lucky enough to find.


50% this, and 50% that.
Going back and forth between has and had
Tried to make contact with a baseball bat
And ended up only finding cracks in the hard hat
Little did I know cause they were swings in the dark
Gunning for perspective when I should've started with a spark
Skipping steps like stones to own my heavy heart
But showing all I know might be pushing us apart
The most notorious, one of seven sins, gluttony
To want to have a slice and keep the rest of it in custody
Must be me, the sane don't inflict vanity
But the gravity of agony and fantasy is baffling
All I really ever wanted was a simple ebb and flow.
To share the honesty, share it fair and slow.
Abide by the policy that'd we'd care to grow
Into something more than nothing, that each of us has ever known.

So I took a leap into the water where I always falter
Cutting down the walls that kept me cool to find what's hotter
I ripped apart the details, so smaller and smaller
Blindly acknowledging all signs to halter
Even when I saw her hating the conversation
Slurring prostration, careless translation
Elated sedation, the slightest temptation
To scream that these words were more than an indication
But something must've caught cause her words came through
Which was interpreted in halves, relief and attack
"I'm 98% sure that I'm in love with you
But there's still the 2% that's been holding me back."
She said I'm 98% sure. 98%
Only two hundredths away from infinite
The optimist hopes for something this ultimate
While the pessimist is hung up by its impotence


released 12 March 2014
Arrangement: Chief Kemist
Lyrics: 037
Mastering; 037



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037 Irvine, California

This is my art. I write my experiences and paint a picture for you to interpret. Like all art, there's no right or wrong answer. But I put my everything into every beat of every song, so I hope what you find is raw, inspiring emotion. Real Hip-Hop.

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