Walls (One Shot Submission Free Verse)

by 037



My submission for the My One Shot competition. All rights of the beat go to SMH and the One Shot Competition. I know I suck at releasing new content, so be prepared for a serious lyrical upgrade since the last pieces you've heard. Check the link below to vote and share your thoughts. Let me know what you think, and SHOW EVERYONE YOU KNOW. (Please?)

Check out the official submission video on myoneshot.tv/037-walls-one-shot-submission/


You know they say the best things in life are free
But you gonna be ready to feat with that fee
The good life has strife when you catch it with a lie
More times than not, you can catch it in their eye
But it still flies by, irony in one shot
One kill, what's the deal when you miss the thrill?
Always another fish is what we've been taught
And sought after laughter can no longer fill
The opportunity missed, kissed lips of angels
And hell hath wrath greater than politics of rap
All that I grasp, but dammed if I don't chase
The dream of my potential never laid to waste
So I set triggers precise locked on the prize
Optimism algorithm, pessimism cataclysm
Shatter and clatter them with the gift hidden within him
Hit them with a heart that implodes in this soul
I don't give and take no more, I give and go to break the norm
I've sworn, to build a better slab
Coulda had, shoulda grabbed something sturdier than sand
But the test of a man isn't measured in the failures
Rather what matters what you do and you choose as wayward
Bending back your morals, snap the quarrel as unorderly
Off the track and border-complete disorder in the search of me
So if we catch younger cats are x, try na be MC
Double the responsibility of what you hear from me.
Upper echelon, above what rappers sketching on
Pressing long after actors wrap the set, and before the chapter
Where everything left is the only thing that never mattered.


released 15 October 2014
SMH Records, My One Shot



all rights reserved


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